Wire Rope NDT & Visual Insp.

Zamil Inspection & Contracting is offering wire rope inspection services in Saudi Arabia. Our inspection team follows the tested and proven guidelines to conduct wire rope inspection. There are various types of wire rope damage types used in wire rope inspection guideline, including:

Abrasion damage may occur when the rope contacts an abrasive medium or simply when it passes over the drum and sheaves.

Corrosion is very difficult to evaluate but is a more serious cause of degradation than abrasion. Usually signifying a lack of lubrication, corrosion will often occur internally before there is any visible external evidence on the rope’s surface.

Diameter reduction is a critical deterioration factor and can be caused by A lengthening of rope lay, Internal or external corrosion damage, Excessive abrasion of the outside wires, Inner wire failure, Loss of core diameter.

Crushing or flattening of the strands can be caused by a number of different factors. These problems usually occur on multilayer spooling conditions but can occur by simply using the wrong wire rope construction.

Shock loading (bird-caging) of the rope is another reason for replacement of the rope. Shock loading is caused by the sudden release of tension on the wire rope and its resultant rebound from being overloaded.

High stranding may occur for a number of reasons such as failure to properly seize the rope prior to installation or maintain seizing during wedge socket installation.

We offers both on-site and in-house wire rope inspection services as required by our clients across the Saudi Arabia.

Our wire rope inspection staff includes the qualified personnel to conduct the activities effectively. Our staff is well qualified and experienced for working in confined spaces, working at height and emergency procedures.