Proof Load Testing

Zamil Inspection & Contracting performs hundreds of initial load test on new and existing cranes each year. We routinely perform crane load tests on units from under 1 tonne to well over 100 ton capacity.

We are providing crane load test inspection and certification for all kind of lifting equipment and as well as other lifting devices and attachments for offshore and onshore base as per the manufacturers recommendation and for new installation.

Zamil Inspection & Contracting performs all capacities of load testing, for mobile/overhead cranes and rigging equipment hoists, slings, and other lifting apparatuses. We bring our portable tests weights to your site, and can do it when and where it’s convenient for you.

You should insure that your crane is load tested when first installed prior to placing into service and whenever the crane is altered (new or repair that affects a load bearing component.) Many crane companies do not include the initial inspection with load test in their new crane proposal, so make sure that you have that addressed when you buy a new crane or hoist. The initial load test documents must be retained for the life of the crane.

We perform many Initial Crane Load Tests each year on existing equipment where the crane load test documentation was lost or the initial was never performed. When we perform a load test, you will receive a document that outlines the procedure and any deficiency conditions found. We also retain a copy of your crane load test document with the inspections available on our on-line Proactive Inspection Program.