Inspection Services

Zamil Inspection is providing complete service and support for Crane Inspection, Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPS), Heavy & Earth Moving Equipment Inspection, Rig Equipment Inspection, Lifting Gear Inspection ( Shackles, Pad eyes, Wire rope slings & Flat woven webbing sling), Cargo Container Unit CCU and Scaffolding Inspection. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to customize the absolute best possible solution for your individual situation.

Blue Sticker Inspection

Our Aramco Blue sticker inspection categories include Mobile Cranes / Crawler Crane, Elevators / Escalators, Elevating Work Platforms (Manlift / Scissorlift), Marine & Offshore Cranes, Storage Retrieval Machines, Articulating Boom Cranes, Lifting/Spreader Beams, Powered Platforms / Sky Climbers, Vehicle Mounted Elevating, Manbaskets, Fixed Cranes & Hoists, Side Boom & Tractor, A-Frame & Mobile Gantry and Tower Crane.

Offshore Inspection

Our Offshore inspection services are done for Pedestal crane, Bop Monorail Hoist, Super sack monorail hoist, Articulating Boom Crane, Deck Mounted Mobile Crane, Man Basket and Spreader Beam. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians work with the highest quality materials and professional equipment.

Non Destructive Testing NDT

Zamil uses best technologies for early detection of defects. Magnetic particle inspection is used to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferrous materials. The thickness or internal structure of a test piece is inspected through the use of high frequency sound waves (Ultrasonic Testing). Liquid penetrant testing, is used to locate surface-breaking defects in all nonporous materials. Other inspections methods include Visual inspection and Electromagnetic testing.

Rope Access

Rope Access method is recognized as a safe, fast, and cost-effective means of carrying out a variety of complex work in mechanical, civil, repair, maintenance & inspection work in onshore/offshore. Zamil Provides a wide range of rope access solutions and have IRATA qualified and experienced rope access technicians.

Load Testing

Zamil is capable of performing load testing for All Types of Cranes and Elevating equipment, Mobile Cranes, Overhead Crane, Spreader Beam, BOP Hoist, Super Sack Hoist, Manbasket, Offshore/ Onshore Crane and BOP Lifting Frame.

Rental Test Weight

Test weight is available 24 x 7 for rental, Water Bags for offshore Load Testing Services, Air bags for under water lifting, Pad Eye Testers & Load Cells.

Training & Assessments

We offer Inspection Training courses for
  • Crane Operator Course.
  • Crane Inspector Course.
  • Rigger Course.
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection.
We provide Certification/Assessment for:
  • Mobile Crane Operator.
  • Forklift Operator.
  • Overhead Crane Operator.
  • Work at Height.